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FMExtension feels our strength lies in our strong understanding of the move process.  Over the years FMExtension has created check lists and templates to help us and our clients through the varied tasks involved in the move process.  FMExtension uses these documents within our organization and have shared them with our clients when we provide project consulting on a move rather than total project management.  This has given our clients the option of matching our service level to their service needs.  Below are a few examples of our templates and checklists.

Central Clearing House Template

These sheets should be placed in the Central Clearing House for staff’s use in reporting move related issues.  Modify the heading of each sheet to reflect a category of issues that will be addressed by the vendor(s).  It is suggested to copy each sheet on different colors of paper, per category, so they are easily identified.  If you want to track completion on a form for Central Clearing House items, then use the Central Clearing House “B” spreadsheet format.

Move Management Team Workshop Template

This document is to be used as a guideline for the kick-off meeting/workshop for the move management team (MMT). This meeting will start the plan and process of details and deliverables for the move. All key personnel should be involved to give guidance to the schedule and needs of each group.

7 Day - Move Day Checklist

Use this checklist for activities that should occur between 7 days before the move through the move day.  Use the links provided to the actual documents described.  Save the documents to your computer in order to customize and have ready access.

Supplemental Furniture Checklist

Use this checklist to determine what furniture you have, how and if it will be re-used and what new furniture will be needed.

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