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GSA Statement of Work

GSA contractor for Project Management, Relocation Management, Furniture Design/Layout

Comprehensive Furniture Management


This Multiple Award Schedule is for comprehensive furniture management and project planning services. It is the platform to provide technical resources to implement projects and tasks relating to infrastructure design, and reconfiguration, as well as assets relocation and management. These services will include:

  • Project Management (Furniture and Furnishings Related) SIN No. 712-1
  • Reconfiguration/Relocation Management (Furniture and Furnishings Related) SIN No. 712-3
  • Furniture Design/Layout (Furniture and Furnishings Related) SIN No. 712-4

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Scope of Services

The contractor will be responsible for delivering completed turnkey solutions for the services listed above. The Customer Agencies will provide specific task requirements within the scope of these services for each deliverable through a statement of work. This document will define the course of action by outlining the requirements of each task and defining the desired outcome. The services required by the Customer Agencies must conform to those outlined in this contract.

The contractor will be responsible for performing the services required in the Customer Agencies Statement of Work (SOW), and will ensure that all products are delivered to the job site in an acceptable and a fully operational condition within the time frames specified. The contractor will also fulfill the technical specifications, terms and conditions of the contracts and purchase orders issued. The deliveries and installations will be prioritized and coordinated with all required parties. The contractor will prepare and maintain all records and documentation appropriate for contract administration and assist in contract dispute/resolution issues.

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